Night Swim

Format & Medium: 

Black & White, 35mm Film.
Digital Scans

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Poem by Alyssa Knowling

Night Swim

There is a space between floating and sinking
where heaviness subsides—
laid on the water
face up to the moon
body bobbing for balance in the cool night’s wind.

You are the leaf on the water
crinkled and discolored
rising and falling like a buoy’s breath up and down.

Head tilted back, hair draped across your face
nostrils flooded with the sharp chlorine.
You know there’s a line
between swimming and drowning
but only a thin one.

The day’s weight holds steady
lungs deflate
you settle at the base of the pool,
are dense and empty as a stone.

But the limbs lift
with newfound lightness
drifting up to the top inhaling
and in this night of diving and resurfacing
again and again
how good is this body, how terrible.